What does PALG stand for?

Years go by, and the children grow up...

When Laura and Guillaume arrived, they had the desire to produce top-of-the-range vintages.

  • They naturally needed to relate to and identify themselves with this renewal.

After much brainstorming, the name of these atypical vintages became clear:

  • P.A.L.G. DEVITRY, for Philippe Aurélie Laura Guillaume DEVITRY.

A new chapter is unfolding...

Take the time to discover our full range of products from the 2017 harvest.

Champagne PALG DEVITRY, cuvée Blanc de Blancs, also known as

"Le Blanc du Lys"

A blend between two parcels, Beauregard, planted with Chardonnay, and Les Champs Marêchaux, planted with Pinot Blanc, Le Blanc du Lys is made up of about two-thirds Chardonnay and one-third Pinot Blanc*.

Appearance: a gorgeous light gold colour, with faint tints of green. It has a persistent fine bubble flow.

Nose: marked and delicate, with hints of citrus and kaffir lime, as well as floral notes such as acacia or fleur-de-lis.

Palate: Elegant with a lacey texture due to the fineness of the bubbles. The pleasant citrus notes are present and bring a long finish. You will want to help yourself to another glass. Refreshingly delightful.

Serve chilled at 6-8°C in a large white wine glass. It is the perfect accompaniment for a seafood platter. For even more festive events, serve with barbecued lobster.

* For more details on the typical characteristics of Pinot Blanc, please check our Cuvée Pinot Blanc.

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